Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arrival at Last

Nathaniel Brown meets his veteran for the first time.

We are finally in Qingdao; still find it hard to believe we're actually in China, thousands of miles from the United States. Not only do I feel a sense of adventure from being in a country I've never been in before, but there is also a feeling of excitement that comes with meeting new people and building relationships while representing your country in a foreign land.

We were greeted by our tour
guide as we exited the airport
Today we met up with the rest of our group in Beijing. It was there I met my veteran, Carl Frost, along with Charlie and the rest of the group. As tired as I was from the 14-hour flight from Chicago to Beijing, I could feel my excitement increase as I was introduced to Mr. Frost. While we were waiting for our meal to be served, he began telling Sarah and I stories about him and his buddies and how close they were while they were in China. What stood out to me the most in our conversation was how eager he was to talk about God and about the impact his relationship with the Lord had on his life. It was exciting to see how much he wanted to share that love with everyone he came in contact with. We only had a couple hours together before we had to board our next flight to Qingdao, but I'm looking forward to hearing the stories that he has to tell.

After being gone for 29 years Charlie
looks once again upon the City of Qingdao.
 I haven't had the opportunity to spend much time with Charlie at this point, but as we drove on the bus from the airport to our hotel, I could see the memories flashing across his face as he admired the changes in the city, and as he reflected on the memories from his youth. Several times he stood up, pointing out the window at things that have changed since he was last here in 1983.
As we explore the city tomorrow, I'm looking forward to hearing stories and getting to know Charlie and the veterans better. The history they have been a part of is slightly overwhelming, but this is why I am here, and I am ready for the challenge!

Nathaniel Brown


Students Laura Lingner, Chelsea Paulsen, and Daniel Mallette 
 get their first taste of authentic Chinese food and struggle to use their chopsticks.

Carissa Westfall talks with her veteran as they wait for their final flight to Qingdao.

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